Services - Philip Venable Photography


Events and Concerts

I shoot a variety of events and concerts. Events are shot journalism style, no poses, shooting as the action happens. Posed shots can be arranged by request. I use flash for events, with a variety of lighting styles to highlight the subjects.Concerts are shot utilizing both wide angle and close-in, to capture the band in full performance, or individual members intently soloing. I use no camera flash, relying on the stage lighting to highlight the group or musicians.

Commercial Products

My commercial photography is shot on location whenever possible to show your products and workplace to potential clients. I photograph the work environment in a journalistic style, showcasing your employees at work, providing the needs of your clients. Products are photographed in an eye catching format to allow your clients to appreciate the care and quality of your hard work.


Portraits are a form of self expression for the subject. I let the subjects choose where they want their portraits shot, giving them a place they feel comfortable and at ease with the camera. I use long focal lengths to remain unobtrusive as the subjects maneuver through their environment. I rarely use a studio for portraits, preferring to be outdoors, and using natural light to illuminate the area. I will use flash indoors as fill, or diffused lighting, to prevent, or create, shadows.

Real Estate

I showcase homes from every angle, giving your clients the opportunity to see a home as if they were standing in it.  The home is photographed to give it a spacious, well lit, appearance.  Whether it is a tract home, or an estate, each home looks elegant and inviting for your clients, sellers or buyers.